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Our Contemporary Wooden Candle Holder Collection

Let Simply Tabletop add a warm glow to any environment with our extensive collection of contemporary wooden candle holders.


The inherent characteristics of wood make it the perfect choice of material for our candle holder offer. Its versatility affords us the ability to achieve such a diverse range of shapes, from the sharp simplicity of the Block candle holders to the soft, amorphous shape of the Coast candle holders.


We were also extremely keen to bring a sense of hand-crafted individuality to our contemporary candle holders, and the use of oak for our collection of Column candle holders has allowed us to do just that. All candle holders in the Column range use oak wood which has been specifically selected to incorporate knots, ensuring that every single piece has unique character. The addition of an oiled finish to this oak wood collection means that the individuality of your candle holders will develop with age.


A stunning contrast can also be achieved by playing with the material and finish within an individual candle holder collection. The prime example of this is our range of Ball candle holders; in a natural wood finish, the wonderful colour and grain structure of the oak wood has an inviting softness and warmth. However, by adding a deep chocolate colour to the rubberwood version, the same candle holders possess a more contemporary, sculptural quality.


There is a definite sculptural element within the majority of our contemporary candle holder collections, and all are designed to be displayed in ‘families’; be that a variety of candle holders from within the same collection, or an eclectic mix from our entire candle holder offer as shown below. Use your imagination to create unique displays that will bring both warmth and individuality to any interior.


We do hope that you enjoy viewing and using our collection of contemporary wooden candle holders. If you have any comments at all about our designs please get in touch, we really would like to hear from you.