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Manufacturing Our Candle Holders, Placemats, Coasters & Charger Plates

Our mission at Simply Tabletop is to deliver real quality products of contemporary design, at a fair price.


Using ethical production partners we have created a range of wooden candle holders, placemats, coasters and charger plates that offer a wide variety of design choice, style and finish, complementing and contrasting our own stoneware dinnerware and mug sets wherever possible.


Wood has been and is still one of the world’s most important commodities. It has kept us warm, given us shelter and shaped our lives. It is intrinsic to the world around us. Here at Simply Tabletop we are 100% committed to sustainable trading and for the manufacture of the wooden candle holders, placemats, coasters and charger plates we work only with suppliers who have proven social and ecological ethics. Plus we scrutinize all aspects of their factory management and manufacturing processes used in making our wooden candle holders, placemats, coasters and charger plates.


All our candle holders and charger plates are produced using either Rubberwood or American White Oak. These timbers are both beautiful and practical in their own unique way; offering fantastic strength, grain structure and flexibility of finish, as can be seen in the varied decorative looks achieved within the many candle holder collections. From the smooth hand turned grain structure of the Oakwood Ball candle holders to the block cut sections of the Oakwood Block candle holders.


Over the past 15 years we have built a strong relationship with the management and workforce of our factory in Thailand, and their flexible production methods are key to the versatility in our candle holder, placemat, coaster and charger plate designs. As you can see, a wide variety of shapes and finishes are available within the candle holder collections along with a wide choice of interesting textures created with the use of real wood veneers on the placemats and coasters.


The practicality and quality of our charger plates, candle holders, placemats and coasters starts at the very 1st manufacturing process when the Oakwood and Rubberwood is kiln dried and stored over a period of time to ensure a specific moisture content level is achieved. This makes sure that there is no distortion during manufacture or during the lifespan of the product; that the candle holders remain upright and vertical and that the charger plates, placemats and coasters all remain flat on your table.


All timber piece parts are carefully selected, graded and sorted into matching colour tones, ensuring that the final candle holders and charger plates have consistent grain and colour balance. In the Block and Column candle holder ranges we have - by design - selected interesting grain structures and knots, guaranteeing that no two pieces are ever the same, thus offering you a one-off, unique piece of artisan craftsmanship.


We have utilized both state of the art production processes, alongside traditional handicraft skills, in the creation of these wooden candle holders, placemats, coasters and charger plates. Computer controlled routing and turning machines ensure precision in all the crucial measurements on the production pieces. This gives you the peace of mind that the sets of placemats, coasters and candle holders are consistent in shape and size; everything consistent except the beautiful, individual grain structures within the Oakwood and Rubberwood itself.


All of our candle holders, placemats, coasters and charger plates are checked constantly through every stage of their production, making sure that they adhere to the strict standards required by Simply Tabletop. All are hand finished with loving care, ensuring a product that we are keen for you to enjoy.


All of our production bi-products are collected and re-used; water and liquid waste from the manufacture of our candle holders, placemats, coasters and charger plates is recycled through the latest water treatment technology; all dust generated during manufacture is collected in the very latest extraction system and is then sold on to make incense sticks; all saw-dust and shavings are collected for use in animal care.


We will never forget that it’s people who make a company successful, and here at Simply Tabletop we ensure that the welfare of all employees is fundamental. Working environments are crucial to everyone's well being and the factories we use dedicate time and money to making sure that all facilities are of a high standard and are meticulously maintained, from the canteen to a shady chill-out area for use during breaks. Rest assured then that the wooden candle holders, placemats coasters and charger plates that you may buy form this site, have been produced by people who enjoy their work and care for the environment.


There is a definite sculptural element within the majority of our contemporary candle holder collections, and all are designed to be displayed in ‘families’; be that a variety of candle holders from within the same collection, or an eclectic mix from our entire candle holder offer as shown below. Use your imagination to create unique displays that will bring both warmth and individuality to any interior.


We do hope that you enjoy viewing and using our collection of contemporary wooden candle holders. If you have any comments at all about our designs please get in touch, we really would like to hear from you.