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Dinnerware Shapes

Square, Round & Organic Shaped Dinnerware Sets


Whether your preference is for square, round or organic shapes, Simply Tabletop has a dinnerware set to suit your needs.


Simply Tabletop appreciates that everyone has their own particular taste when it comes to choosing a dinnerware shape, be that square, round or organic. We have therefore given very careful consideration to developing a collection of dinnerware sets which offers choice, combined with function and our own, unique Simply Tabletop style.

Square has become an increasingly popular dinnerware shape in recent times, and we offer our own exclusive take on the square dinnerware set with Horizon. The dinner plate combines the clean lines of a square with softer, rounded corners, which works perfectly with the shape of the bowl and also reduces the potential risk of damage from sharper square corners. With the side plate, we introduce our own twist on the typical square by offering a rectangular shape, which marries perfectly with the square dinner plate. The square handle on the accompanying mug accents the square dinnerware shape and ties the collection together seamlessly.

Natural, organic shapes were the inspiration behind our Coast dinnerware set. The irregular shape of the plates is accented with subtle ripple detailing around the rims, and might bring to mind a walk on the beach. This tactile ripple detail also adorns the outer surface of the bowl and accompanying mug, completing a dinnerware set which has a calm sophistication.

The classic round dinnerware shape is covered by our Eclipse and Solar dinnerware sets. Whilst the Solar dinnerware set incorporates embossed detailing to create a distinctive visual effect, our Eclipse dinnerware set is much more understated, and in the matt and gloss white finish you have a classic dinnerware set which is perfect for any dining occasion.

We feel sure our selection of square, round and organic dinnerware sets will offer something that’s right for you, and if you have any comments on our designs, please contact us… we’d love to hear from you.